Breakfasts, Birthdays, and Beyond

Yesterday was the BF’s birthday and while I gave him his present, we had to spend the whole day at my graduation. We had a lot of fun–including family, friends, beer, wine, sun, and snacks. Plus, we brought the pup and he is always good company. However, we didn’t have much time to celebrate his birthday and so this morning I thought a birthday breakfast was in order. I really like birthdays (not my own but everyone else’s) and I love making fun special meals, especially since I rarely actually make breakfast (I’m more of a lunch person).

In celebration of the BF’s birthday then, I made scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and socca. All gluten free and all wound up being pretty delicious. The eggs were scrambled and had stir-fried onion, basil, and nutritional yeast. I cooked the turkey bacon in a little olive oil and salt and the socca was plenty oily and salty (which is how I love it).

It was pretty fun to eat breakfast together and hang out on a beautiful Portland morning. Plus, since school is out for the summer (for both of us), a big and celebratory breakfast was the perfect prelude to a relaxing and lazy afternoon after a hectic couple days (or year for that matter). I think I had forgotten how fun making breakfast is or even how nice it is to kick off a day with brunch. But there is something so lovely about starting the day with a meal, chatting, and having coffee.

Strangely, I don’t usually like breakfast and I often eat it alone–since the BF is already off to work by the time I’m awake and ready for food. It’s worth noting too that I usually eat lunch for breakfast. During grad school, I had a baked potato phase where every morning I had a baked potato with nutritional yeast. Other phases have involved salads for breakfast and currently, I’m a stir fry for breakfast maniac (Fried tofu is just so delicious).

I think perhaps my avoidance of breakfast though has more to do with the difficulty of eating fun allergen-free breakfast food. It has been so long since I’ve been able to go out for brunch or breakfast, something I used to love to do. In truth, I mostly avoid going out to eat altogether because instead of creating community and enjoying a shared experience, food allergies mean not eating out at restaurants (even when I’m at them) and so often awkwardly not participating in one of my favorite daily rituals.

Breakfast presents the most acute problem too since, well, drinking wine over bagels is not usually the best idea or often encouraged. I think too that with the onset of food allergies, I grew discouraged about breakfast, since the fun foods–bagels, cream cheese, cinnamon roles, crepes, and the list goes on and on–seemed harder to mimic or approximate.

But this morning, reminded of the fun breakfast food provides, I rather enjoyed my brunch making and eating times. Plus, making an exciting breakfast always seems so special and celebratory to me. With breakfast this morning, my perspective on what my mom once told me was the most important meal of the day (it is her favorite) began to shift and evolve. I started to see, even with something so simple as eggs and bacon, the potential for future fun breakfast-cooking adventures and exploits. Maybe it is indeed the most important meal of the day, but that might not just be for the eating part. Perhaps, that importance has quite a lot to do with the connection, community, and talking that happens there at the breakfast table.


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