Dessert for Dinner: Chocolate Coconut Mousse

I’ve long felt that one of the best parts (maybe even then best part) of being a grown-up is having dessert for dinner. I realized this perk near the end of college when I was living with my best friend in Washington D.C. While we ate a lot of soup and rice and I imagine stir fry that summer, I have a distinct memory of eating many dessert-filled meals. It was my childhood dream come true–as much as I love vegetables, although I’m not sure that I loved veggies as much back then–where I wouldn’t have to finish my dinner before dessert.

Strangely in the last few years, my sweet tooth has–shall we say–lessoned, swung more towards salt (although, I’ve always loved salt) and all things salty. However, on occasion–and often on somewhat rough days–I still celebrate adulthood by having dessert for dinner. Today, was one of those days and so I decided to make a chocolate coconut mousse.

This particular mousse, which I’ve made versions of before, is one of my favorites and in no small part because it is so incredibly easy. So here’s what I use:


-1 package of firm tofu

-1/2 pack of dark chocolate chips

-1 tablespoon coconut cream (dissolved into water)

Here’s what I did:

Put tofu into a blender (I use my Cuisinart) then melt the chocolate chips and coconut together on medium heat in a small sauce pan. Pour the chocolate mixture on top of the tofu, put the lid on, and blend! Once you’re done, clearly taste the delicious-ness and then stick it in the fridge so it can thicken a little bit.

I ate the mousse–which should be light and creamy–with strawberries and rasberries and it t’was delicious. Thus, today I had dessert for dinner (although I think the inclusion of tofu makes it totally dinner-dinner) and it made my day considerably better. Yet again, having dessert for dinner made me feel pleased about being a full-fledged grown up. Alas, there are no pictures this round, since I was compelled to eat it immediately.


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