Meatloaf & Reconsidering Casserole Cooking

Last night I decided I had a craving for Meatloaf. This desire seemed quite odd to me as I am quite sure that the last time I had meatloaf was between ten and fifteen years ago. And, it was my grandmother’s meatloaf which was not, dare I say, very good. She was quite an amazing woman but not the world’s best cook. Thus, last night my BF and I set out to make a gluten free meatloaf. Here’s what we did:

Mix hamburger meat with (we used one package from Trader Joes) …

2-3 egg whites 

1/2 an onion

2-3 canned tomatoes & a little bit of juice

Garlic powder, sea salt, and thyme

Then place mixture in the pan and glaze with a little olive oil and some tomato juice from the canned tomatoes.

Cook in the oven for 1 hour on 400.

Done! And, so easy. And, so delicious! I’m pretty excited to eat some leftovers for lunch and I feel inspired to attempt some other Casserole style dishes with a gluten/dairy free twist.


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