Adventures in Crockpot Cooking: 40 Clove Garlic Chicken

This Sunday = the third installment in my adventures in crockpot cooking: 40 close garlic chicken. Firstly, it is worth noting that I firmly believe in the power of garlic and so most certainly used all 40 cloves. Secondly, here is the recipe I used (of course with some of my usual alterations/additions/lack of measurements):

To this already delicious recipe, I added chopped potatoes and threw them in the mix. I also subbed Smoked Paprika for the regular stuff, as I find it considerably more delicious. I made brown rice for the boyfriend and salad for me. I think the chicken over rice would be really delicious because as the chicken cooks down with the olive oil it creates its own broth (so garlicky and yumm!). Also, I’m thinking it would be great over quinoa for the non-rice eaters out there. Then I roasted carrots, added it to the mix, and called it dinner. I highly recommend this recipe, it is SO easy and slow-cooked chicken is just SO delicious.


One thought on “Adventures in Crockpot Cooking: 40 Clove Garlic Chicken

  1. I looooove 40-cloves-of-garlic-chicken in the crock pot. I like to serve this with some toasted bread, because then you can spread the soft sweet wonderful cloves on it… I bet if you made and baked that pizza crust I made you and then cut it into wedges it would be a GREAT vehicle for garlic spread-age.

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