Adventures in Crockpot Cooking: Gumbo

This Sunday was part two in Adventures in Crockpot Cooking (last week’s chili was part 1): Gumbo. I am a little embarrassed to admit this, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I got gumbo ideas in my head after watching Hart of Dixie last week. So last week, the show featured a gumbo cook-off and even though I rather dislike the show (but am still watching it), the gumbo got into my head. It just looked so good! And it turns out it is …

I used this recipe from Food Network:

And then as per usual made just a few alterations (I have never been very good at sticking to the recipes as they are written). I added garlic, used garlic sausage (we didn’t find andouille at Trader Joes), and chickpeas. In part, as I can’t eat rice I added the chickpeas so as to add a little extra ummppph to the gumbo. And it turns out it worked out just fine, then again, chickpeas are hardly offensive.

But the crockpot is awesome and super easy and it makes the whole house smell so delicious. Also, I learned in this gumbo process that okra is delicious. And these weekly cooking expeditions are slowly but surely building my spice collection, which I am oddly excited about. And at the end of this Sunday and after a very hectic weekend, I am just thrilled to eat gumbo for the rest of the week and so far rather enjoying my Sunday crockpot and weekly cooking ritual.


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