Seared Ahi = Delicious

Tonight I made dinner for my mom and I, which is an unusual feat when I stay with my parents as my dad is the master chef. But he got home late tonight, so I happily took the cooking reins and made ahi tuna for the first time. Firstly, ahi is super easy! I threw some olive oil and salt on the stovetop grill and left it for less than a minute on either side. And done! I put the ahi over some a salad with sauteed mushrooms (portabello and shitake) and onions, an early girl tomato (so good!), and some avocado. For a dressing I just did some olive oil, balsamic, smoked salt, and mustard powder.

We ate with a glass of French Rose. Delicious. Light. Simple. Also, dry roses are the best. Seriously.


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