Tortilla Espanol/Tapas for Breakfast … Yumm.

So this morning I made a variation on this tortilla espanol recipe: Food Network Tortilla Espanola

And first, let me say that it was delicious and I sort of wanted to eat the whole thing in one sitting. Also, it was much easier than I expected and I pretty much followed the instructions in the recipe (which is unusual for me). Perhaps my only variation was to not flip the tortilla onto the plate when I was done. Instead, I kept the tortilla in the pan and cut it up into slices which I lifted off (at times not so gracefully) with my spatula. Also, I used more eggs than they recommended; I think I used 5 or 6 instead of 3 with mostly egg whites and one full egg, yolk and all.

Perhaps tortilla espanol is not the usual breakfast even in Spain, and more like dinner/lunch/snack/tapas. However, given that while ago I wholeheartedly committed to lunch for breakfast (lunch is my favorite meal), tortilla espanol was a delicious and delightful way to start the day.


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