Outpost from Australia, Jetlag, and Instant Coffee

So I arrived in Australia yesterday morning and was a very tired mess and so didn’t make it to the grocery store until today. However, yesterday I had a salad in delightful pub and the bartender was super nice about alterations which has so far been the case here (so nice!). Then today, after some directions from the young woman at my hostel, I found Coles (not Kohls). I picked up some food at Coles to make in the giant hostel kitchen and some snacks and am hoping both that it is delicious, but also on the cheaper side of life. As it turns out, Australia is quite quite pricey. Then again, it doesn’t help that the American dollar ain’t got nothing on the Australian dollar. For example, this morning when I realized there was no label to the instant coffee, I preceded to look up whether instant coffee had fillers. It turns out that it quite frequently does. So desperately in need of coffee and lacking a label to the instant stuff, I wandered down the street to the closest coffee shop and grabbed a cup of joe. This cost me 5 Australia dollars (which is more than 5 American dollars). Madness. Lesson learned = bought my own instant coffee and the grocery store, read the label, and tomorrow we’re in caffeinated business. And now the jetlag has kicked in and so it is off to bed for me.


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