Homemade Mayo & Putting it to Good Use

For a 3rd of July bbq I made potato salad, something I had been craving for a very long time. So often I had been stopped in mid-potato salad tracks by an inability to find mayo that I could eat. Thus, this weekend I made my own. And it was so easy! I looked at a bunch of different recipes and sort of made up my own. So below is my how to allergen free mayo and potato salad (or egg salad, which I had tonight and was yummy).

1 egg. Beat until loses some of the yellow.
Then pour in
1 cup olive oil slowly but surely and still stirring. Stir until thicker.
Add salt (I suggest garlic salt), pepper, and lemon to taste.
Put in Fridge.

Potato Salad
A lot of potatoes (in case you can’t tell, measurements are not always my thing). And boil them until cooked all the way through.
Then chop up into evenly sized pieces.
Boil about 10 eggs (this depends on how many potatoes you’ve got going on).
Chop some onion (to taste). I used a yellow one. And throw that in the pot.
Take the mayo out of the fridge and dump it in.
Mix and mash together. Probably salt some more. Maybe put some basil or some chopped celery .

Put in fridge and let it sit. Good stuff. Seriously. Alternately, throw some of the mayo in with a few chopped eggs (hard boiled of course) and eat away. That is the way my dinner went today and it wasn’t half bad.


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