Kitchen Sharing and Simultaneous Meal Cooking

Around a year ago I had my own kitchen and it was completely and unequivocally allergen free. I never worried much about ingredients or pans or cooking more generally. However, this last year I have been living with a guy who can and does eat everything and anything and I spend a decent amount of time cooking for both of us simultaneously.

This kitchen sharing means being super careful while cooking. For example, I need to remember to not put the fork or spatula I am using in my pan in his pan (a cast iron pan that is rarely washed) and vice versa. It also means cooking two different things simultaneously, which sometimes is hard and involves some serious concentration on my part.

However, this kitchen sharing is also a fun exercise in coordination: one pot with rice or pasta going at the same time as some stir fry in the cast iron; one pan with stir fry for me and sometimes some roasted potatoes or some of my favorite bean thread noodles (my new obsession). I might go so far as to say it helps me hold two ideas in my head at one time, although perhaps this is not what F. Scott Fitzgerald meant in 1936 when he wrote “the test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time.” That said, I think it is good training for my mind and it surely keeps me on my toes.

I have no recipes or new food discoveries to share today, but have recently been thinking a lot about this kitchen sharing and maintaining the separation of ingredients, pots, pans, and meals. Although, I will highly recommend bean thread noodles, as they are the best.


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