lasagna, gluten and dairy free style

So yesterday I decided it was time to try lasagna after a four year hiatus. In part this decision was due to the discovery of nutritional yeast and then yesterday’s discovery of dairy and gluten and corn free cheese. So many of the soy cheeses have casein or lactic acid (beware) from dairy, which seems unfair to those of us that have to avoid lactose but casein too. Luckily I found one that did not (alas I threw away the wrapper yesterday when I first tried the cheese by melting it into some stir fry), and so today I made the lasagna and it was both easy and delicious. Even the not-allergic-to-anything-bf liked it; he had four helpings and I took that as a good sign.

It went something like this …
1) Layer of noodles on the bottom.
2) Layer of tomatoes, cheese, nutritional yeast, and stir fried ground beef (omit for vegetarians). For the tomatoes I used TJ’s whole basil tomatoes and cut them up and stirred 2 egg whites, garlic salt, nutritional yeast, and some olive oil in with them.
3) Layer of noodles
4) Layer of tomatoes, cheese, nutritional yeast, stir fried mushrooms, and spinach.
5) Layer of noodles.
6) More tomatoes, cheese, and nutritional yeast. More garlic salt always. Maybe also just some regular salt, for good measure.

Bake for an hour (or whatever the noodle box suggests) at 350.

Done and done. We had it with a light salad with some of the extra sauteed mushrooms, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.

Here it is (the leftovers that is):


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