So I don’t remember the last time I had pesto. As a kid I loved it SO much, but then again what’s not to love about pesto? It makes pasta taste delicious, it is good on sandwiches, and it is even good on chicken, or a salad. This list goes on and on. And pesto is one of the things that I missed when I stopped eating all the things I don’t eat (ie shrimp, gluten, dairy, corn, nuts) and was pretty sure I would never find a replacement for it that was allergen free. Luckily for me, I was so wrong.

This week, per my mom’s advice, I put fresh basil, a lot of olive oil, and even more nutritional yeast in my food processor, and blended. The outcome = allergen free pesto. So good! I let it sit for a while after making it and the pesto got thicker and even more delicious. Then I put it on bbq chicken over a salad. Amazing. I think today begins a new pesto filled phase of my life. So delicious.


2 thoughts on “Pesto!

  1. Add a bit of garlic — I like to roast mine first — and handfuls of spinach or arugula (or both!). I also like to make pesto with peas (I just use mostly thawed frozen ones) or roasted red peppers with mint or rosemary or oregano. Mmm. And I bet chickpeas would be nice — toasted ones could be like nuts, raw ones would be like hummus.
    Pesto is kind of the best.

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