new food discoveries

It has been a rather long hiatus from blog posts, general fun in the kitchen, and a very long and busy year. But now it is summer and I’ve learned a decent amount about quick allergen free cooking in the kitchen, using new ingredients and seasoning, not to mention living with somebody who can eat everything and cooking for him. However, I go an e-mail from a friend recently that reminded me how hard it is to go gluten or dairy or corn free.

Cutting things out of your diet, being hyper conscious of what you eat, and reading ingredients like it is going out of style are really hard things to negotiate. That said, it definitely gets easier with time, the internet, and easily legible charts. For example, a few years ago when all this was much newer to me, I made a good and bad alcohol chart drawn in crayon and put it on my wall. The good side had a sun and pretty colors and the bad side a rain cloud. I just found it the other day while looking for things to put up on the wall and I am tempted to put it back up again, since it is still hard for me to remember. Plus, it is awesome and looks a little like a 5 year old drew it.

But here are some of my newest quick tips or fixes. First, my newest obsession: Nutritional Yeast. I put it on everything and it is delicious and tastes a little like cheese, which helps me not miss cheese so much. So good! And garlic salt or if you have time roasted garlic tossed into salad dressing or even a stir fry. Trader Joes has frozen veggies if you are really in a rush that are great to just throw in the pan alongside some tofu (TJ’s has my favorite corn and gluten free brand). Also, Costco sundried tomatoes plus stir fry over a salad with apple cider vinegar. There is something about warm stir fry over a cold salad. Delicious.

And I just discovered bean thread noodles (get the ones that are peas and green beans I think) that I toss stir fry over and am planning to make Chicken Long Rice soup soon ( but with the bean thread noodles instead of rice noodles (as I recently and sadly discovered that rice is not so much my cup of tea these days). It was recommended to me by a checkout clerk at Market of Choice the other day, which is where I get bean thread noodles. But I imagine a Whole Foods would have them or another health food or Asian grocery store if you are not Oregon-bound.

Well I think that’s it for now.


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