Traveling with Tupperware

A few days ago I got back from a trip to New Orleans, which for all intensive purposes might be classified as a business trip (a media studies conference that involved a lot of wine). That said, traveling is always hard on the eating front and traveling in the south (or at least New Orleans) is perhaps even harder than normal. It is a city where all the most wonderful smelling (and I presume tasting) things are fried, or wrapped in a sandwich, or both. Thus, while I frequented some pretty awesome food spots, I could not partake.

So on the first morning I found myself a grocery store in the French Quarter, which is where the conference hotel was (and where we were staying). I will say that finding a grocery store in the French Quarter is a rather difficult endeavor as the quarter is covered in bars and people and more bars and street performers and more bars. But I did find one store and it was small and lovely. And on the plus side, buying groceries always makes me feel less conspicuously like a tourist. In the store I found tupperware, plastic knives and forks, salt, and salad fixings (including the always important olive oil). One day I came across hummus and soy crisps — always good on the protein front.

Anyways, that’s about it for now. I will say my lesson learned is that I shall from now on travel with tupperware, salt, and maybe silverware too (can I take a knife on the plane?).


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