Back in the Cooking Saddle

It has been a while since I have had both the time or pleasure to post anything here, much less time to cook anything fun in our brand new kitchen, replete with blue cabinets and matching tiles. This is because the last two months have been filled with studying, cooking quickly (including buying a lot of canned soup a few weeks ago), walking the new pup Lewis, moving across town into a cottage, and most recently passing my orals exams. Post-new year’s has been quite the whirlwind and I am quite glad life looks to be calming down for at least a minute.

However, post-orals has involved at least one fun foray into the kitchen in the form of sushi which TMFW and I made last week in the wake of orals. It was quite delicious, not to mention good looking: smoked salmon for the pescatarians out there and baked tofu for the veggie/vegan type. Then both included avocado, cucumber, and some occasional red pepper. Yumm. And since Thursday, my kitchen has been a veritable whirlwind, including, but not limited to Saturday Steak dinner replete with good Eugene wine, thanks to my parents and my dad’s delightful cooking skills. And Sunday Brunch, which included bacon from the meat-market, eggs, potatoes, and fruit. Truth be told I rarely eat breakfast, as it is one time I really miss bread (for the eggs that is), but man it was good.

I have every intention of keeping this busy kitchen going now that exams are gone and done. First up very well may be a gluten and dairy free pizza, a concoction ST and I have had in the works for some time now. Also, on the agenda more sushi. And some recipe hunting. This is all to say, I quite pleased to be back in the food game.


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