nachos! back in eugene …

Flashback to last week, but these nachos seem very worth writing about despite the delay in doing so and the lack of pictures to document their deliciousness. That said, I had been craving nachos for a long time (maybe a month or two) and had not yet had the chance or the willing audience/co-eater to make them with and for. However, upon arriving back in Eugene with a Trader Joes just around the corner and a willing 6 foot-something eating companion, it seemed like the time had clearly come to try gluten, corn, and dairy free nachos. So here’s how it went …

The Food:

First brown rice tortillas cut up into chip size pieces tossed in olive oil, salt, and pepper and then into the over for about 30 mins on 425.

In the meantime prepare the chicken (or tofu for vegetarians/vegans) … which we did in olive oil with salt and pepper and shallots (or garlic). I think adding lemon or lime would also be quite delicious. Do not cook all the way.

When the chips are ready, take them out and add the chicken, black beans (drained), tomatoes (sliced), and garlic. Then back in the oven for another 15 minutes or so (until everything looks cooked through).

In the meantime: guacamole. For the guac, I recommend a couple avocados mushed with sauteed shallots and roasted garlic (you can roast the garlic when you put the chips in initially), lemon/lime, salt, pepper, and olive oil (I usually the use the oil that I sauteed the shallots or onions in).

When ready pull the nachos out of the over, add guac, and salsa (which I did not make from scratch). We had the nachos with a green salad with tomatoes and olive oil and balsamic. And I think the next time I do nachos, I shall add nutritional yeast, which I learned about yesterday and is allergen free as far as I can tell (after a little Internet research today). I love nachos, and I have missed them very much, and I must say these were good … very good. I will definitely be making them again and they are even moderately healthy. Seriously, so good.


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