parking lot salads in south dakota, wyoming, and beyond.

It has been a few weeks since I last wrote and it is because between tacos in Philadelphia and arriving home in Eugene, Oregon there have been very few and far between Internet stops. Plus I moved this weekend (after spending last week apartment hunting with the boyfriend, packing, finding a place, and moving across town to the new place, and finally today getting the Internet), so needless to say there has not been too much cooking, much less Internet checking and writing. However, that does not mean that I do not have fun food facts, information, or just musings to report. So here is what I learned about driving across the country with a plethora of food allergies:

Road Side build your Own Salads. Seriously, best invention ever. All you need is a grocery store in a town, a bowl (mine was plastic), and utensils; and then you can always eat on the go, or if you are lucky you might find a restaurant (as we did in Mitchell, South Dakota) that is nice enough to let you eat there even though you cannot buy anything.

So, my salad consisted of lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, olive oil, and salt. And then I added hummus (which I found in single serving size at the Walmart in Mitchell) for protein. Had I had better foresight, I might have hardboiled some eggs pre-trip and taken those with me in the cooler (oh yeah a cooler is super helpful). I also got rice cakes and chips so I could have some driving snacks and some carbs for hikes in Yellowstone or picture taking in the Badlands.

Granted, the salad really only covered lunch/dinner, also known as linner. And then for breakfast there was fruit and dried fruit picked up at Trader Joes in Chicago.

Point being, road side salads = best road trip discovery for the gluten, dairy, nut, shrimp, corn free gal on the go.

south dakota stop for salad making and picture taking

In other news, I am back online, back in the kitchen, and making dinner in the new place tomorrow (and very much in need of fun food related procrastination). I am thinking hamburgers and roasted potatoes …


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