build your own tacos in philadelphia

Right now I am driving cross country with a friend (Eric) on our way home from New York to Eugene, Oregon. And truth be told, being on the road is always a bit stressful in the eating department. For starters, restaurants are always difficult — I even have a ridiculously high and extra nice ordering voice that I use to compensate for the many questions and alterations I have to make. Also, cooking for me is a hassle and an often worrisome task as there are so many questions and restrictions and confusions. That said, I am always flattered when anybody wants to try.

First stop on the road westward: Philadelphia to stay with Emily (one of my oldest friend). We arrived around dinner-time and Em had decided to make build your own tacos for dinner. And I must say, they were delicious and it was a brilliant idea: lots of ingredients, very little cooking, and picking and choosing of what goes on your (or my) plate. Thus, not only were my allergies accommodated, so too was her vegetarianism, and Eric didn’t have to eat the black beans, that I later learned he does not like.

Dinner = black beans, steamed brown rice, fresh avocado, tomatoes, salsa (times 2), cheese for those who can eat it, and corn tortillas. Since I can’t eat corn, I just ate the fillings, which were amazing. And I might add chopped romaine lettuce the next time I do tacos. Emily laid everything out in separate bowls and we each could pile as many delectable things on our plate as we desired. Sadly, I do not have any pictures, but you have to trust me that as cooking for gluten and dairy free folks goes, build your own tacos are a pretty awesome, safe, and delicious way to go.

And the whole experience got me thinking that I shall be attempting brown rice tortilla chip nachos when I get back to Oregon, because man, do I love nachos. And for those non-vegetarians, we I might add grilled chicken in a separate dish. Perhaps burritos with brown rice (gluten free) tortillas from Trader Joes are also in order in the near future. Yumm.


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