new york new york, what a wonderful town.

Whenever I’m in New York these days I stay with Becky, who is now a very serious lawyer in Manhattan. This means, like many other Manhattanites, she does have time to cook 97% of the time. Thus, when I come to town I subject Becky to my cooking, as neither of us particularly enjoy eating out, and she is a very awesome (and compliant) eater. So after day one, of my favorite wifely duties (we ate turkey burgers filled with sauteed garlic, onions, and arugula on top of salad with tomatoes, avocado, and roasted carrots), I spent the morning trying to figure out what to make us for dinner. We have a date night tonight: dinner plus Arcade Fire at Madison Square Garden. Thus, we need a meal to match the music. Besides, figuring out a menu is much more fun that taking notes on the film theory I read yesterday — so much more fun.

So here’s what I think will happen: Baked Kale Chips from one of my fave cooking blogs Smitten Kitchen: and then I am thinking breaking those up over roasted potatoes and carrots with garlic. A salad with heirloom tomatoes and chicken breasts. OR maybe a healthy gluten free and dairy free modification on a Julia Child quiche … So many options!

The Final Decision: Quiche, Kale chips, and salad.

The Food:

Ingredients: mushrooms (baby portobellos), 2 chopped leeks, 4 eggs (2 whole ones and 2 whites), soy milk, salt, pepper, and olive oil to taste (and perhaps safflower oil).

First, I sauteed the mushrooms and leeks and simultaneously boiled the potatoes and made the Kale Chips from Smitten Kitchen (which took about 20 minutes and then I let cool whilst doing all the other cooking/baking/etc. Also, i added whole cloves of garlic to the recipe I used, since I firmly believe in extreme amounts of garlic. In fact, a man I know once told me it was “the way to a man’s — perhaps specifically his — heart”).

Second, I mixed the eggs and 1 cup unsweetened soy milk. And pre-heated the oven to 375.

Third, I poured the egg/soy milk mixture over the mushrooms, chopped potatoes, and leeks in a baking pan.

Fourth, into the oven for about 30 minutes. Until the top is browned.

Fifth, eat. And sixth, eat again in the morning for breakfast (since quiche is really a delicious French way of saying baked omelette) as I think it might be even better on day 2/cold.

And sixth: happy girls at Arcade Fire.


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