More tomatoes (this time in soup) …

Yes, it is the middle of summer. Yes, I am certainly in Massachusetts amidst east coast humidity. And yes, it is likely not the best time to stand over the stove and simmer soup for an hour or so. All true and all good reasons not to make soup. But, today I did it anyways (despite perhaps my better judgment) because for some odd reason this afternoon I started craving Minestrone Soup. And with all the doors open, running shorts, and a large t-shirt the heat was not so bad — and the soup was so very worth it.

It bears noting that Minestrone Soup is usually inaccessible to me (which makes me grumpy) because of the pasta and occasional corn (neither of which I can eat). Perhaps it also bears noting that I have never made Minestrone Soup, nor have I had it in years, so my soup might not be quite Minestrone, but I shall call it that anyways.

The Food:

2 steps and minus any measurements … since I threw many things into a pot and then did to taste.

First: man many chopped up heirloom tomatoes, garlic, green onions (all chopped) sauteed with olive oil and salt and pepper.

Second: chicken broth, chopped carrots, black beans, navy beans all boiling in a soup pot. Then just throw in the tomato mixture. and a little later add celery. And salt and pepper, and more olive oil to taste.

Simmer until carrots are cooked through and the broth is tasting tomato-ey.

And with a little avocado on top, I swear, it is so worth a little summer sweat.


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